Monday, October 20, 2008


Today is my second day of my millionth induction attempt.  And my mom just made low carb cheesecake.  With sugar free chocolate chips.  UGH!!!

I haven't been as hungry these past 2 days as I usually am.  It could be because 1.  I started having a salad with lunch or 2. my supplement routine, to which I most recently added 800 mcg chromium picolinate (from Walmart) and 1500 mg l-carnitine (also from Walmart).  I am sooo not hungry and have no cravings for sweets (especially those yummerific chocolate coconut Atkins bars).  

For dinner tonight I made the brocolli quiche from Linda Sue's wesbite, substituting parmesan cheese for the cheddar.  SO GOOD...My parents and I ate the whole thing tonight!

I just got Jillian Michal's book Winning by Losing....I also have her other book 30 Day Cut or something similar...I was looking for a comprehensive gym routine tailored for weight loss, and her books totally cut it...So I am starting her exercise plan tomorrow.  Some of her nutrition info is ok, but I am following Atkins.  I plan to stay on induction until I lose 10% of my current weight.

I'm also going to do the goal-related activities in the self section.  This goal outline is from chapter one.

*I want to lose 42 lbs
*I want to be fit and in shape
*I want to be attractive
*I want to be a size 2-4

*Go to the beach and walk around in a bikini

*I will lose at least 8 lbs this month
*I will stick to induction rules
*I will incorporate salads
*I will not blow off the gym/workouts

*I will go shopping and get a cute gym outfit
*I will go on a fancy-shmancy date with J
*My clothes will be looser

*I will get my workouts in this week
*I will lose 2 lbs this week
*I will stick to induction!

*I will clean up my apartment i.e. unpack!
*I will go shopping on Sunday

*I will stick to induction tomorrow
*I will remain calm, cool, & collected
*I will make sure I have my planned food with me if I will be out for long periods of time

*I will take a nice bath
*I will visit my grandma
*I will go shopping

Phew, that took awhile.  I'm kinda stressed at the moment, so hopefully I can get to bed at a decent hour and relax!  I will try some deep breathing/tapping...

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