Thursday, October 23, 2008


bacon for brekky.

up a lb this mornin. not bad.

had excellent workout this morning!!! am now drinking water like a good little girl.. I gave up my morning coffee, which i think is grossness without my beloved davinci's

Anyway, off to go do makeup & take S for her driving test!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Sooooo days 1 and 2 of JM went pretty well...I sure am sore!  Also, I get super confused on hamstring curl vs leg extensions, so on day 1 i kinda did hamstring curls wrong...One girl looked at me kinda weird...Oh well!  I got my week pass, so I am all set!

On day 1 (yesterday), I got a little too excited and worked out way too hard...I got super duper nauseous and had a major headache...considering I had been low carbin it, and had only eaten about 600 cals before my workout at 4 PM, i probably got myself in super deep ketosis.  So finally at 8:30 PM, 8 and a half hours since I'd eaten anything, I had a piece of my mom's homemade chocolate chip low carb cheesecake (sugar free chocolate chips from walmart).  Bad idea.  I just simply, aboltely, can NOT have anything sweet.

This morning I did a less intense workout, but still had a slight headache and a bit of nausea through out the day...And I ended up eating more of that cheesecake plus assorted other low carb junk.  Bad, I know, but I used to (when I got into crazy eat mode) go after real crap...When I'd come home from college, my sister ALWAYS had a box of REGULAR chocolate chip I'd eat those....and my parents used to buy tortilla I'd eat those....and even cashews...and crackers....and bread, yes BREAD.  so maybe a couple atkins bars are not the end of the world....But this is still not acceptable for induction, and is certainly not any way to lose weight.

So I have learned two lessons:
1.  STAY AWAY FROM SWEETNESS FOR THE ENTIRE 14 DAYS.  This means no gum, no Davinci's in my coffee, no splenda, no cheesecakes, and certainly no "tastes" or "bites".  After the initial 2 weeks, although I plan on remaining on induction until i lose my 10%, i can incorporate those things...In moderation

2.  NO SUPER PSYCHO MARATHON EXERCISE SESSIONS.  I will keep it to an hour or so...Jillian's circuit plus 30 min cardio (and 5 min warm up).  Yesterday I did circuit AND one hour INTENSE cardio....badbadbad.

SO back to square one in terms of diet tomorrow....

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


So I am wandering around my house all full of energy and excitement, trying to find something to do.


Had trouble falling asleep last night because I was, like, toootally freaking out about "the Thing".  Even though it was no biggie.  Got up at 7:30 this morning, for no real reason other than I wanted to tackle "the Thing" ASAP.  Sat around until 8, when I called, and was told they open at 9!  Fridfdgb....So I ate breakfast:  1 cup mushrooms fried in 1 tbspn butter, 1 egg, and coffee with cream.  Mushrooms make me gag.

Finally called, dealt with "The Thing", and it was quite easy/painless!  Much easier than I had anticipated...I stayed up writing notes and "speeches" in anticipation of what I would say...And I needed none of it!  Phew, I am glad that's over...

I cleaned up my room (more or less) and did my makeup, something I love love love to do!

Then I found out we will be staying here another week!  Ack!  I mean, I love my parents and being home (and not having to pay any bills, except my mounting debt to J for covering rent/utilities), but UGH I was looking forward to going back, joining a gym, and following Jillian's program!  I called S's  gym and they said I could get a week pass for $35.  Annoying because if I joined MY gym, that's what it would cost for the month.  But tolerable, because that's what I paid my coach for ONE HALF HOUR, not including practice ice.  SO, definitely doable, because I will really get my money out of it...7 days in a week, so that's $5 a day!  For over two hours, plus sauna and steam room!

Anyway, I also have backup...I guess I could sub some non-gym exercises...but gosh darnit, I really love the gym!  Especially the elliptical!  Woo!  Also, if I don't join a gym immediately upon getting back, my apartment gym is passable..It has lat pulldown machine, and free weights, so I can sell the craptacular set I got at Walmart on Craigslist.   

Right now, I am soooo anticipating 3:30, which is when I pick S up to head over to the gym and get started on day 1!

And I am also all dressed up with nowhere to go...

Monday, October 20, 2008


Today is my second day of my millionth induction attempt.  And my mom just made low carb cheesecake.  With sugar free chocolate chips.  UGH!!!

I haven't been as hungry these past 2 days as I usually am.  It could be because 1.  I started having a salad with lunch or 2. my supplement routine, to which I most recently added 800 mcg chromium picolinate (from Walmart) and 1500 mg l-carnitine (also from Walmart).  I am sooo not hungry and have no cravings for sweets (especially those yummerific chocolate coconut Atkins bars).  

For dinner tonight I made the brocolli quiche from Linda Sue's wesbite, substituting parmesan cheese for the cheddar.  SO GOOD...My parents and I ate the whole thing tonight!

I just got Jillian Michal's book Winning by Losing....I also have her other book 30 Day Cut or something similar...I was looking for a comprehensive gym routine tailored for weight loss, and her books totally cut it...So I am starting her exercise plan tomorrow.  Some of her nutrition info is ok, but I am following Atkins.  I plan to stay on induction until I lose 10% of my current weight.

I'm also going to do the goal-related activities in the self section.  This goal outline is from chapter one.

*I want to lose 42 lbs
*I want to be fit and in shape
*I want to be attractive
*I want to be a size 2-4

*Go to the beach and walk around in a bikini

*I will lose at least 8 lbs this month
*I will stick to induction rules
*I will incorporate salads
*I will not blow off the gym/workouts

*I will go shopping and get a cute gym outfit
*I will go on a fancy-shmancy date with J
*My clothes will be looser

*I will get my workouts in this week
*I will lose 2 lbs this week
*I will stick to induction!

*I will clean up my apartment i.e. unpack!
*I will go shopping on Sunday

*I will stick to induction tomorrow
*I will remain calm, cool, & collected
*I will make sure I have my planned food with me if I will be out for long periods of time

*I will take a nice bath
*I will visit my grandma
*I will go shopping

Phew, that took awhile.  I'm kinda stressed at the moment, so hopefully I can get to bed at a decent hour and relax!  I will try some deep breathing/tapping...