Tuesday, October 21, 2008


So I am wandering around my house all full of energy and excitement, trying to find something to do.


Had trouble falling asleep last night because I was, like, toootally freaking out about "the Thing".  Even though it was no biggie.  Got up at 7:30 this morning, for no real reason other than I wanted to tackle "the Thing" ASAP.  Sat around until 8, when I called, and was told they open at 9!  Fridfdgb....So I ate breakfast:  1 cup mushrooms fried in 1 tbspn butter, 1 egg, and coffee with cream.  Mushrooms make me gag.

Finally called, dealt with "The Thing", and it was quite easy/painless!  Much easier than I had anticipated...I stayed up writing notes and "speeches" in anticipation of what I would say...And I needed none of it!  Phew, I am glad that's over...

I cleaned up my room (more or less) and did my makeup, something I love love love to do!

Then I found out we will be staying here another week!  Ack!  I mean, I love my parents and being home (and not having to pay any bills, except my mounting debt to J for covering rent/utilities), but UGH I was looking forward to going back, joining a gym, and following Jillian's program!  I called S's  gym and they said I could get a week pass for $35.  Annoying because if I joined MY gym, that's what it would cost for the month.  But tolerable, because that's what I paid my coach for ONE HALF HOUR, not including practice ice.  SO, definitely doable, because I will really get my money out of it...7 days in a week, so that's $5 a day!  For over two hours, plus sauna and steam room!

Anyway, I also have backup...I guess I could sub some non-gym exercises...but gosh darnit, I really love the gym!  Especially the elliptical!  Woo!  Also, if I don't join a gym immediately upon getting back, my apartment gym is passable..It has lat pulldown machine, and free weights, so I can sell the craptacular set I got at Walmart on Craigslist.   

Right now, I am soooo anticipating 3:30, which is when I pick S up to head over to the gym and get started on day 1!

And I am also all dressed up with nowhere to go...

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